Friday, May 16, 2008

First Doctor Visit

Jude had his first outing today. My mom and I had to take him to the doctor to check on his jaundice which he had a little of when we left the hospital. They weighed him and he is down to 6lb 5oz right now, but the doctor said that he's doing fine and that it's normal to lose weight during the first week. He hasn't been nursing as often as he was in the hospital, but the doctor said that that is also probably due to the jaundice. Apparently, it can make a baby very sleepy and lethargic. They took some blood to test his bilirubin level and it's a bit high, so they are delivering a fiber-optic "blanket" (a sheet of plastic that has fiber-optic tubing running through it so that the entire blanket becomes a light source) tonight that is supposed to help and then we are going back to the doctor tomorrow to see how he's responding.


Lynn said...

Awww, He can be your little glow-worm tonight. A friend of mine had to use one of those for her baby and it worked really well. The only good thing about a jaundiced baby is the beautiful tan color to their skin!

Melissa E. said...

More pictures!

I want a turn to hold him.

Annette was rather jaundiced too. No blanket though.

Anonymous said...

What a little doll! Jude is so beautiful. Congratulations, John and Beth. Loved seeing all
the hospital pics too. Beth, you look absolutely radiant. I also loved seeing the Laurie Family Picture. Hope the jaundice is better very soon.


Aunt Susan

Lynn said...

How is Jude responding to the blanket? Is he eating better?