Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Trip to Pennsylvania/New York

My parents were in town also for a friends wedding. They came over for a campfire.

Jude enjoys climbing into things. He can squeeze into the smallest spaces.

Jude and cousin jarius watching cartoons together.

Jude and Jarius played really well with each other. Jarius is interested in a lot of the same things as Jude, like cars, trains and building towers.

Jude pointed to himself in this picture and said "you". He does that whenever he sees himself in a picture. I guess it's because I always point to his picture and say "that's you" :) Not sure how to teach a 2 year old the difference between speaking in first and second person.

Jude loved riding on the tractor. Every day he would ask to go for a ride.

The cousins

Aunt Jeni holds Claire.

Cousin Chloe

Cousin Bekah holding Claire.

We went out on Chautauqua Lake with the Mohl's.

Jude was very eager to go tubing. He wasn't scared a bit. Here is climbing in all on his own without a bit of reservation.

He LOVED tubing! Look at the smile on that face:)

Jude splashing Daddy in the face.

Claire pretty much slept the entire time. She'd wake up when the boat stopped, but as soon we started going again she was out.

Jude fell asleep on the boat ride in.

Some of my mother-in-law's pretty flowers.

Talk about a bad hair day

Grandma and the "honk" (Jude's word for horse).

Jude watching the "honk" from a safe distance:) He was a bit afraid of the horse. He kept saying "honk, scawy".

Monday, June 21, 2010

29 never looked so good:)

I made John his favorite cake for his birthday, carrot cake. I don't know who was more excited about the cake though, John or Jude.

Jude had just woken up from his nap. Hence the hairdo.

Jude sampling the frosting

Jude sampling more of the frosting

Let them eat cake!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

4 Weeks Old!

Claire is 4 weeks old today. She starting to fill out her newborn clothes now and is working on a double chin. She is a bit of a fussy baby. I'm not used to that since Jude was a very content baby. She even fusses in her sleep:) She's a sweetie though. I love taking pictures of her. I think babies are probably one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Especially when they are as cute as she is:)

Jude is so sweet with Claire. He is always asking to hold her and giving her kisses. At bedtime John and I always give Jude a hug. He now asks to hug Claire before he goes to bed too. So sweet:)