Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wall Art

Apparently, Jude thinks our wall needs a bit more color......John was touching up a spot in the downstairs bathroom and left the paint out. He closed the door thinking it would be safe in there. He was wrong:( Sure enough, Jude found the paint and smeared it all over the hallway wall and a bit on himself.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Anderson Reunion 2010

John is testing out Jude's floaty. It is designed to go around the neck (sounds awful I know, but it works and it doesn't choke) and keep the head above water. It didn't go all they way around John's neck, but still it was able to keep him above water. It worked really well on Jude.

Jude likes to play with his nipples:)

Chillin' by the pool

My newest nephew Harrison. He is such a cutie. He's a chunky little guy with a huge personality. He's always smiling.

Jude and Dora:) This was a Ukrainian girl that came for the day. We all thought she looked just like Dora, including Jude.

Jude swinging with cousin Isaac as we prepare to leave for home.

We stopped for a bit at my parents on the way home. Jude enjoyed playing a duet with Grandma on the piano.

Grandpa and Claire. They always seem to put each other to sleep:)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

4th of July

We went out on the boat with some friends for the 4th. It was a lot of fun! Jude loves it, and surprisingly, so did Claire. She looks so funny in her life vest. Infant life vests are 0-30lbs so it obviously is going to be big and bulky on a 10lb baby. She didn't mind it at all though. In fact, I think she's happier in it than out of it:)

Jude had to go potty while on the boat, so here Trevor is showing him how to go off the side of the boat:)

Look at those dimples

New Boat


Last month Embraer sent John to Atlanta to help put together the interior of one of their airplanes that they had rented out to be in a movie. It was a really neat experience for John. The kids and I got to come along, so when John was done in the evenings we would go out and explore Atlanta. We went to several yummy restaurants and the Aquarium.

In our hotel room. Jude watching Dora, and Daddy watching a movie.

Interesting Sleep positions

Claire is so much more alert now. She will smile and coo at me. I love it!

I also love baby feet:)