Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pics From John's Trip

Hank and John

The crew.

The day they left, their flight didn't leave until later in the evening so they spent the day in San Diego and went to a beach so they could see the Pacific.

They ate lunch at this seafood place on the end of the pier.

Saturday, March 27, 2010


This is what Jude does when he's watching something that's starting to scare him. And it isn't like we're letting him watch scary movies or anything. Here he is watching Dora and there are dinosaurs in this episode. They are friendly dinosaurs, but for some reason Jude is very afraid of them. Naughty or nice:)

Coming Home!

John is finally coming home after 3 weeks in Mexico. His flight gets in late tonight. He probably wont be home until after midnight, but I'm going to wait up for him. I'm so excited to see him! I'm interested to see what Jude does when he wakes up in the morning to find Daddy in bed again:)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What's going on here.....

So, many of you know that John is in Mexico right now and will be there for a few weeks. His job sent him there to repair a plane that went off the runway and damaged both wings. Jude and I are doing ok, but we miss him. Jude definitely is missing him even though he doesn't express it like someone older would. He just isn't quite himself a lot of the time. He isn't sleeping well at night, and he often asks for his daddy. Last night we were at a friends house and he found a male figurine toy and was calling him daddy and having conversations with him. It was kind of funny, but it also made me really sad. It's hard because I can't really explain to him where daddy is and what he's doing. We were able to video chat the first night he was gone, but since then we haven't been able to get any of the programs to work. So that has been frustrating.

I had a doctors appointment yesterday and she was concerned that I was having too many contractions too close together. She said that it was perfectly normal to have them in the third trimester, but becomes a concern when they happen this often. So she told me to stay well hydrated, try to take it easy and keep my feet up as much as possible. Unfortunately, that is hard to do with a house and a toddler to care for and a husband in Mexico, but I am trying. So anyway, that's what's up in the Laurie household. Nothing exciting, just trying to make it through the next couple of weeks:)