Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wall Art

Apparently, Jude thinks our wall needs a bit more color......John was touching up a spot in the downstairs bathroom and left the paint out. He closed the door thinking it would be safe in there. He was wrong:( Sure enough, Jude found the paint and smeared it all over the hallway wall and a bit on himself.


Melissa E. said...

Wow! That really stinks! I hope, Beth, that you suppressed the urge to gloat that it wasn't YOU who left the paint down. :-) I know I wouldn't have...but I would have regretted it. Haha

Melissa E. said...

Wait! Don't paint over it! is that the Virgin Mary I see in there? It could be worth a fortune! ;-)

Beth Laurie said...

No, I feel no need to gloat. I'm just happy he was the one doing the touching up:) I may have to make him help me paint over Jude's artwork though. The problem is that I don't have anymore of that paint. It isn't exactly like what's in the living room. It was close enough that no one would tell since it's the hall, but you would definitely be able to tell if I touched it up with the living room paint. So, now we have to paint the entire hallway:(