Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Outside

Jude LOVES to play in his sandbox. Every time the weather is nice he will spend hours outside playing in it.

"Let me out!"

Enjoying a cold yogurt popsicle on a hot day.

I gave Claire and myself a pedicure:)


Lynn Falk said...

What's in Claire's mouth? She's so pretty, just needs some hair! ;)

Jude is all boy. Isn't it great to have something to entertain him for such long periods of time?

Cute toes! (especially the tiny ones)

Beth Laurie said...

Lynn, it's a flower magnadoodle magnet. She likes to carry things around in her mouth, this magnet is one of her favorites.....And yes, I am eagerly awaiting some more hair. She has some longer hair in the back that I tried to make little pigtails out of, but her hair is so thin that they just stuck straight out and looked like antennas:)

Jude IS all boy. Maybe a little too much. It is so hard to keep him clean in the warm months, but I suppose you know how that goes:)

Melissa E. said...

My hands-down favorite is the picture of the fancy toes! I have been surprised at how much I enjoy dressing my baby boy since I always have thought girl clothes were more fun. The two things I miss most are doing the hairdos(frustrating since I could TOTALLY put pigtails in Gray's hair!) and painting the tiny toenails! Enjoy!!