Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pics from Pennsylvania

Ashley. My newest niece.

Jude loved playing with Chloe. They were so cute together. Jude kept giving her hugs and kisses.

Like my outfit? It's a little mismatched, but it kept me warm.

Sledding down the driveway

Jude doesn't have any boots since there isn't a huge need for them here in TN. So instead of buying new boots to wear for only a day, he used his cousin Chloe's rain boots and we duct taped the top to keep the snow out. It worked, but we felt a little redneck:)

Papa John hitching a ride on the back of the tractor

Jude loved going for rides on the tractor with Daddy

Jude getting eggs with Grandma

Sassy the horse.

The kiddos playing with their new toys.

Jude and Claire with Great, Great Aunt Kay. We make sure to visit her every time we're up that way. She's getting very old. Jude's face is because he's afraid of a stuffed chicken that sings the chicken dance and moves around. Claire's face is because she's afraid of Aunt Kay. Such brave children I have.


kari Falk said...

How fun for Jude to ride on the tractor and see all the animals. I bet he loved it. Glad you had plenty of snow to play in too!

Melissa E. said...

Aunt Kay isn't nearly as scary as a singing chicken! Claire is just being a sissy!

I'll bet everyone enjoyed meeting Claire (First time, right?) and seeing how much Jude has been growing up.

Looks like the snow was big fun. We use rain boots with extra socks around here, too. We don't mind being rednecky. Besides, you out in the snow in your jammies is waaay redneckier than Jude's duct taped boots! :-)

Beth Laurie said...

That's true, I did look more like a redneck than Jude. This is their second time meeting Claire. We were up this way for Heather's wedding remember? She was about 6 weeks old then.

The Castles said...

Love the pics! I wish I could have been able to play in all that snow! I cant believe that Chloe is that big....crazy! Glad you guys had fun! We missed you!

The Tall One said...

I cannot believe that is Chole! She looks like a totally different girl. Jude looks like a natural on the tractor (notice his hand on the shifter) and in his redneck gear. Guess you cannot blame him with how you were dressed. Ha! We need a snow like that.

Aunna said...

Chloe is SOO big!!!! I miss her!