Monday, September 13, 2010

Some pics from the makeover

The new site. The framing is already up just since the time I took this Saturday afternoon. They sure work fast. John has taken Thursday and Friday off so he can work at the site a full day and then be there for the big reveal on Friday. We're not allowed to post any pictures from on site. Sorry:( They don't want to spoil the surprise. Any pictures will have to be from a designated area.

The old preschool all gutted. They demolished it this weekend. They asked a preschooler how they should do it and he told them to drop a truck on it. So they did:)

The September 26th airdate must have been some sort of rumor because they said it's sometime in November. I'll give you an actual date when I know it.


Melissa E. said...

Super cool. I am proud to be related to someone who is going to get to meet someone famous. Also, John, for the big reveal, how about wearing a shirt with a picture of me on the front so I can see myself on TV?? ;-)

John Laurie said...

Melissa, weren't you in a commercial? Sooooo, i believe you have already gotten to see yourself on TV:)