Thursday, January 21, 2010

Belly at 23 Weeks

I realized I haven't posted a picture of my belly yet. So here it is!


Melissa E. said...

Look! Your belly is so heavy, the whole room is tipping!

You look cute! And, what's this I see? I have a shirt EXACTLY like that one!

Beth Laurie said...

Yeah, I had my camera propped up on some socks on my dresser so the picture is a little crooked:)

Anonymous said...

Little Claire Elizabeth is getting bigger! It seems like May is a long time away. I'm eager to meet the little gal!

Grandma Falk

Anonymous said...

So is Ruby hating the snow??? Ivy loves it but yesterday she kept pulling me so hard on the leash that I had to take her inside. Plus her feet were all red from being so cold I guess. I didn't know if that was unhealthy for her or not. I didn't know if you knew our blog but I added you to my roll if thats okay! It will remind me to check in more often!